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The use of ladders is an essential method to provide our services, as there are tasks that cannot be completed by using Reach and wash water fed pole systems, most commonly high level internal glazing.

By using our specially designed ladders we are able to access and clean windows to heights of thirty five feet (three floors) from ground level.
Because of the soft rubber protectors fitted to both the top and bottom of the ladders we can position our ladders safely to almost any surface without damaging or marking the surface.
Supervision Assured 2000 Ltd use Rojak ladder stoppers (BSI tested) that prevent damage to flooring and eliminate any slips making it safer for the user.
All staff are highly experienced and trained in the use of ladders and have undergone safety courses provided by The Federation of Window Cleaners.
Our clients can be assured that a safe method will be provided and all necessary precautions will be carried out at all times.